Get Involved

We would love for you to get involved with us in Donabate, whether you live in the area or are from further away:


We meet on Sundays in Donabate & Portrane Community Centre at 10.30. See home page for dates and details. Whether you’re coming just to see what’s going on, or just to have good coffee, or to find a church you can call home, you’ll be made feel really welcome.

Our service lasts for about an hour – the first ten minutes is for all ages with a song or two and a short teaching slot for kids using drama, unsuspecting regulars (never visitors!) and the Bible. After that primary school kids go to a different room for their group time. The rest stay in the main room for an opportunit to pray, sing and hear a talk of about 20 minutes from the Bible. Afterwards we have tea, (great) coffee and tasty treats!

Home Groups

Why home group bible studies?

1. A much better way to encourage, teach, share with, love, challenge, exhort and care for one another than the bigger Sunday morning setting.

2. At home groups we get to know each other better and discover that none of us is the perfect Christian – we all need to grow and learn!

3. Home groups allow us to study the Bible carefully and ask questions about things we don’t understand or find difficult.

We have four home group Bible studies that meet every week in the area. They are an opportunity to get to know each other better and to learn from the Bible in an informal setting. There are three on Wednesdays and one on Thursday from 8‚ÄĒ9.30pm. If you’d like to join one of these home groups, please make contact with us.

The Tuesday group:

‘Elandra’, Portrane – lead by Tim Gaston

The Wednesday groups:

117 Carr’s Mill, Donabate – lead by Darren Egan

(For anyone brand new to Bible study) 135 Carr’s Mill, Donabate – lead by Andy Carroll

The Thursday group (women only):

‘Elandra’, Portrane – Nina Gaston

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